Passport Locations Guide


  1. Explain the Locations layout.
  2. Local Reward, Claim Now
  3. Book Reservation, Local Flavor Menu
  4. Contact Info, Map


Find Passport Locations

  1. Search for locations by clicking the search button on the orange toolbar.
  2. Scan QR Codes by clicking the scan button on the orange toolbar.
  3. Or, click on the 'Toolbox' button on the orange toolbar, then click 'All Locations'.

Claim Local Rewards. Join Local Flavor Dining Events

  1. Read details on each Location page.
  2. Click 'Claim Local Reward' links to qualify and invite friends.
  3. Click 'Book Reservation' links to Book Reservations and see more info.

Save and Share Your Favorites

  1. Save Bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon, on the grey toolbar below.
  2. Share with Friends by clicking the share icon, on the grey toolbar below.

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